Types of Entrepreneurs

There are several categories in which entrepreneurs can be classified:

  • Adviser: Some entrepreneurs perform an advisory role and are paid for giving such advice. This is similar to the role played by lawyers, accountants, and financial advisers.
  • Administrator/Organizer: These are entrepreneurs who get involved in organizing events for their clients. A fee is charged per event or based on the attendance of the event. An example is a wedding organizer whose main business is coordinating the various activities that go towards making a successful ceremony.
  • Builders/Creators: Artists, bakers, carpenters, and designers are examples of entrepreneurs driven to create something tangible where it did not exist before.
  • Caretaker: These are people entrusted to care for someone or a piece of property on behalf of the principlal.
  • Communicator/Trainer: These are people who can transmit information or communicate in different languages. They find demand in sales, marketing, writing, training or a variety of information services.
  • Entertainer/Host: These are people who thrive on being with other people. They find entrepreneurial openings in the hospitality industry or service industries such as hairdressing. They may even be entertainers, actors, musicians, or singers. An example is a talk show personality in a T.V program.
  • Investor/Owner: If one has money to invest he/she can put the capital to work for him/ her by investing in stocks, real estate or businesses.
  • Seller: This covers salespeople and brokers, from real estate to insurance to art. An example is a music promoter.
  • Technologist/Engineer: These are people who have a talent in technical disciplines such as computers, autos and engines. As an entrepreneur, one may want to explore entrepreneurial opportunities areas such as software development, engineering or technology.
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