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  • These transitional guidelines are aimed at providing guidance to current students in the Certificate examination (CAMS), Diploma examinations (ATD, DICT and DCM) and Professional examinations (CPA, CS, CIFA, CICT and CCP) in their transition to the revised syllabuses after administration of the last examinations under the current syllabuses. They are also aimed at guiding current students wishing to book early for the examinations under the new syllabus. In addition, the guidelines provide for transition of graduates of Kasneb after the August 2021 who wish to register for any other Kasneb qualification.
  • Credits will be retained for papers that have been retained in the syllabus under the same level, or in cases where related papers are introduced to replace the current ones, provided there has been no substantive change in content.
  • Credits for papers that have moved to higher levels will be treated as exemptions to the candidate provided no substantive change in content has been effected.
  • Referrals will be transferred to the same or related papers under the same level of the examination.
  • Credits obtained in the August 2021 sitting will be retained for candidates under the revised syllabuses.
  • Where a candidate has a referral in a paper which has not been retained, the candidate will be required to sit any new paper introduced provided the new paper is considered core to the qualification. In any other instances, the candidates will be advised accordingly while the Board retains the discretion to require the candidate to sit such other paper considered core to the qualification.
  • Monies paid by candidates for exemptions in papers which are no longer in the syllabus, whether in their current or related forms, or for papers which have been moved to a lower level which the candidate has already finished, will be credited to the candidate.
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