The concept of communication

Communication is the process of exchanging ideas amongst two or more persons. Communication achieves its objective when the parties involved understand each other.
Communication can also be defined as giving, receiving or exchanging information, opinions or ideas by writing, speech or visual means, so that the material communicated is completely understood by everyone concerned.
Communication is the process by which information is passed between individuals by means of previously agreed symbols.

What is effective communication?
Effective Communication is simply the transmission of a message to another person in such a way that the recipient interprets it exactly as the sender intends and receives at the right time.
This involves:

  • Correct timing
  • Logical thinking
  • Fluent expression
  • Carefully reading and listening
  • Sensitivity to the circumstances
  • Choice of appropriate media, tone and style
  • Obtaining feedback to check the message has been understood

Information may be the main focus of the communication. The communicator may want:

  • To initiate some action
  • To make his needs understood
  • To share ideas, attitudes and beliefs perhaps persuading others to embrace them
  • To establish and maintain links with other people, possibly to entertain them
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