Relationship between entrepreneurship and communication

Communication is a process in which information is shared and exchanged. It is a two-way interaction in which the entrepreneur, and whoever is being interacted with, is active participants in the attempt to solve a problem through the use of language as the proper channel of communication
In any business enterprise, the entrepreneur will need to be confident and develop a level of expertise in the skills of speaking, listening, and at times writing to customers workmates and supervisors. The entrepreneur also needs to be good in numbers such that he/she can prepare his financial statements and present them in a legible manner. He/she may also need to devise graphs and charts, using graphic illustrations to explain information. This might involve using computer-based and telecommunication equipment such as PCs, photocopiers, scanners, telephone systems, faxing equipment, etc. The entrepreneur will thus need to arm him/herself with the skills to use these tools to communicate with all the stake holders in his business.
In his/her venture the entrepreneur is likely to have employees working under him/her, as well as members working in other departments of the business. When conflicts arise, they need to be solved through conscious and effective communication. Meetings are a normal feature of the workplace, and these are accomplished through  communication.

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