The term marketing mix refers to the tactical elements of the marketing strategy. It is the blending of product, price, promotion and place.

Product refers to anything that can be offered to a market for attention, use, or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. It includes any tangible item, services, ideas, concepts, or a person.

Product classification

Tangible and intangible
A product can classified as tangible and intangible. Tangible product is a physical product, such as mobile handset, cars and the TV set. Intangible product is a product that cannot be touched or felt such software, ideas, and services.

Consumer goods and industrial goods product
Industrial goods are consumed as raw materials or inputs by businesses to produce other products, for example, wheat to produce flour. Consumer products are consumed by final consumers for their own interests (individuals and households), and not for commercial purposes like in the industrial goods product case. Consumer goods generally can be classified into four types, namely consumer goods, commercial goods, specialty goods, and goods Unsought. This classification is based on buying habits of consumers, as evidenced by the following three aspects (effort) of consumers to reach a purchase decision, the attributes that consumers use in a
purchase, and the frequency of purchase.

Convenience Goods
Convenience products are goods that have generally high frequency of purchase (often purchased), take the time soon, and require only minimal effort (very small) in comparison and purchase. Examples include cigarettes, soap, toothpaste, batteries, candy, letters and news. Convenience products themselves can be further grouped into three categories, namely, staples, impulse goods and goods emergencies.

Shopping Goods
Purchases of goods are goods that in the process of selection and purchase by consumers in different alternatives that are available. Comparison criteria include price, quality, and model of each item. Examples are household equipment, clothing and furniture.

Specialty Goods
Specialist shops are goods which have characteristics and / or identification of a single brand in which a group of consumers willing to make a special effort to buy it. General types of specialized products branded luxury products and a specific model, such as Lamborghini cars, the clothes designed by famous designers

Unsought Goods
Unsouqht goods are goods that are not known to consumers or are already known, but are not generally thought of buying it.

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