Maintenance planning

Planning of maintenance jobs basically deals with answering two questions, ‗what‘ and ‗How‘ of the job; ‗what activities are to be done?‘ and ‗how those jobs and activities are to be done?‘

While answering these two questions, other supplementary questions are to be answered, e.g., ‗where the jobs is to be done?‘ and ‗why the job is to be done?‘ etc., but all these will be helping in developing ‗what‘ and ‗how‘ of the job. It is very essential that engineering knowledge must be applied extensively to maintenance jobs for development of appropriate job plans using most suited techniques, tools materials and special facilities etc. As the job planning forms the basic foundations, over which the efficiency and cost of actions depends, persons responsible for job planning should have adequate capabilities, such as, knowledge about jobs and available techniques, facilities and resources, analytical ability, conceptual logical ability and judgmental courage etc.

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