Main function and composition of Judicial Service Commission

The Judicial Service Commission is established by section 68(1) of the Constitution. It consists of:

  1. The Chief Justice as chairman.
  2. Attorney General
  3. Two persons who are for the time being judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal appointed by the President.
  4. Chairman Public Service Commission
  5. High Court registrar as secretary.


  1. Advisory: it advises the President of the appointment of judges of the High Court and Court of Appeal.
  2. Administration: it administer the Judiciary in that it is the principal administrative organ of the Judicial Department.
  3. Appointment: it engages or employs magistrates, High Court registrars, Kadhis Clerks interpreters and other staff of the Judiciary.
  4. Discipline: it disciplines magistrates, Kadhis, High Court registrars, Clerks, Accountants and other judicial staff.


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