LAW OF PROPERTY Question and Answer


a) In relation to the Law of property, distinguish between tenure and estate
b) Outline three objectives of registering patents



Distinguish between tenure and estate in relation to the Law of property

Both relate to interests on land.

Tenure estate
        i.       Tenure concerns the way in which land is held

ii.       The doctrine of tenure stipulates that land is actually owned by the state and held by the citizens as tenants

  i.     Estate is an interest in land in terms of a defined duration

ii.     The doctrine stipulates that a citizen cannot own land but simply an estate in it.


Objectives of registering patents.

  • A registered patent protects how your product and business works.
  • An inventor is awarded a patent which gives him certain exclusive rights which prevent others from using the patented invention.
  • Registration of design protects how your business product looks.
  • Patents give statutory expression to the moral and economic rights of creators in their creations and such rights of public in access to those creations.
  • Registration of patents promotes creativity and dissemination of its result and encourages fair trading.
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