KCSE Past Papers 2018 History and Government (311/2)

History and Government paper 2

SECTION A (25 marks)

Answer all the questions in this section in the space provided at the end of question 24.

1. Identify one type of early manuscript which is likely to contain information on History and Government. (1 mark)

2. Give two developments which were made by Homo erectus that improved his way of life. (2 marks)

3. State one similar factor which contributed to the development of early agriculture in Mesopotamia and Egypt.(1 mark)

4. State two advantages of using animal transport. (2 marks)

5. Outline two factors which facilitated the spread of iron working technology in Africa during the ancient times. (2 marks)

6. Identify two features of the direct rule as applied by the British in Zimbabwe. (2 marks)

7. Give the main reason why the European countries formed alliances before the outbreak of the First World War. (1 mark)

8. State the main reason why countries establish diplomatic relations. (1 mark)

9. Identify one economic factor which contributed to the collapse of the East African Community in 1977. (I mark)

10. Name the two financial institutions which were established by the United Nations after the Second World War. (2 marks)

l1. State two ways in which poverty has undermined economic development in Tanzania since independe nce. (2 marks)

12. Give one function of the Odwira festival among the Asante during the l9th Century. (1 mark)

13. State two social factors which caused the Majimaji rebellion. (2 marks)

14. State two ways in which the Royal Fire was important in the Mwene Mutapa Kingdom. (2 marks)

15. Give one function of the Court of Justice qf the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. (1 mark)

16. State one way in which Angola was affected by the Cold War.(1 mark)

17. Name the country in Africa which was created to settle freed slaves.(1 mark)

SECTION B (45 marks)

Answer any three questions from this section in ltte space provided at the end of question 24.

18. (a) Highlight five changes which marked the Agrarian Revolution in Britain. (5 marks)

(b) Discuss five effects of the Agrarian Revolution in the United States of America. (10 marks)

19. (a) Identité five effects of scientific inventions on medicine.(5 mark)

(b) Describe five factors which have influenced industrialisation in India. 20. (a) State five functions of the ancient city of Athens. ( 5 marks)

(b) Describe five challenges experienced in the city of Johannesburg. (10 marks)

21. (a) State five factors which influenced the British to use indirect rule in Northern Nigeria. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five challenges which were experienced in the implementation of assimilation policy in Senegal. (10 marks)

SECTION C (30 marks)

Answer any two question from this section.

22. (a) State three external factors which speeded up the growth of African nationalism during the struggle for independence. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six challenges which were faced by the nationalists in South Africa during the apartheid rule. (I2 marks)

23. (a) State three ways in which terrorism is a threat to international peace.(3 marks)

(b) Describe six achievements of the Non-Aligned Movement since its formation. (12 marks)

24. (a) Identify three types of Federal Courts in the United States of America. (3 marks)

(b) Explain six responsibilities of the Federal Government of the United States of America.(12 marks)

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