KCSE Past Papers 2014 History and Government (311/1)

 History & Government Paper 1 (311/1)

Section A (25 marks)

Answer all the questions in this section.

1 Give two ways in which archaeologists identify a pre-historic site. (2 marks)

2 Identify one natural factor that caused the Abagusii to migrate from Mount Elgon region to their present homeland. (1 mark)

3 State the main factor that contributed to the growth of city-states along the Kenyan coast before 1500 A.D. (1 mark)

4 Give one way in which the translation of the Bible into vernacular languages facilitated the spread of Christianity in Kenya. ( 1 mark)

5 Give one economic responsibility of a Kenyan citizen. (1 mark)

6 Give one economic factor that promotes national unity in Kenya. (1 mark)

7 Identify one way in which elders resolve conflicts in the community. (1 mark)

8 State two similar grievances of the Taita Hills Association and the Ukamba Members Association to the colonial government. (2 marks)

9 Outline two ways in which the ex-soldiers of the second world war contributed to the struggle for independence in Kenya. (2 marks)

10 What was the main contribution of Prof. Wangari Maathai to the development of Kenya‘? (1 mark)

11 State two functions of the Supreme Court in Kenya. (2 marks)

12 Give two qualifications that a person must fulfill in order to be allowed to register as a voter in Kenya. (2 marks)

13 State two functions of the secretary to the cabinet in Kenya. (2 marks)

14 Name the two branches of the national police service in Kenya. (2 marks)

15 Give one reason for the adoption of Harambee strategy in Kenya after independence. (1 mark)

16 Identify two types of land ownership in Kenya. (2 marks)

17 Give the main function of the Commission on Revenue Allocation in Kenya. (1 mark)

Section B (45 marks)

Answer any three questions from this section.

18 (a)Identify the three Luo groups Which migrated into Kenya during the pre-colonial period. (3 marks)

(b)Describe the political organization of the Luo during the pre-colonial period. (12 marks)

19 (3)State three methods used by the British to establish colonial rule in Kenya. (3 marks)

(b)Explain six problems experienced by the Imperial British East African Company to establish colonial rule in Kenya. (12 marks)

20 (a)Give three reasons Why Africans Were put in reserves during the colonial period. (3 marks)

(b)Explain six problems faced by Africans working for the European settlers during the colonial period. (12 marks)

21 (a)State three challenges that have undermined government efforts to eradicate illiteracy in Kenya since independence. (3 marks)

(b)Discuss six factors that have facilitated industrialization in Kenya since independence. (12 marks)

Section C (30 marks)

Answer any two questions from this section.

22 (a)State five decisions reached at after the first Lancaster House Conference of 1960. (5 marks)

(b)Describe five main features of the Constitution of Kenya. (10 marks)

23 (a)Give five reasons why human rights are important. (5 marks)

(b)Explain five functions of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. ( 10 marks)

24 (a)State five qualifications of a presidential candidate in Kenya. (5 marks)

(b)Explain five functions of the National Assembly in Kenya.(10 marks)

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