Meaning of HIV / AIDS

HIV-human immune deficiency virus   called human because the virus can survive in human in body and also virus can be traced in fresh human blood.

HIV survives in human blood but be transmitted by mosquitoes.

Because  its immune  deficiency it incapacitate  weakness  body immunity  thus reduce  the natural ability to defend  protect  itself against diseases . it can be transmitted  from one person to another  (replicate

HIV is the acronym for the human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is virus that causes the incurable acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Over time, HIV destroys the helper T cells of the body’s immune system, resulting in a critical deterioration of the immune system and the ability of the body to fight infection.

HIV is most often a sexually transmitted virus. It is passed from one person another during sexual contact that involves vaginal, oral, or anal sex. HIV can also be passed to another person through other means, such as through contact with blood or body fluids. This can occur through such processes as blood transfusions or sharing needles contaminated with HIV. HIV can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Early infection with HIV often produces no symptoms. When there are symptoms, they can include flu-like symptoms that occur about four to eight weeks after infection. These symptoms generally go away within several weeks. There then may be no symptoms for months to years. The most serious complication of HIV infection is AIDS.


Treatment of HIV starts with prevention. Preventive measures include seeking regular medical care throughout the lifetime. Regular medical care allows a health care professional to best evaluate symptoms and the risks of catching HIV and regularly test for it as needed. These measures greatly increase your chances of catching and treating HIV in its earliest stages


No clear cause origin of aids / HIV, however there is several theories that have been propounded to help us understand among the theories include:

  • Comment and curse
  • Monkey meat theory
  • Accidental emergency theory
  • Conspiracy theory.

(1) Comet and curse

Viral material  arrived in the tail curse of a come passing  toward  to the earth was deposited and subsequently  infecting people nearby gods wrath sees the scripture  condemned sexual  sin such as homosexual. God sent HIV/ aids an incurable disease. The bible also talks about the disease which has no cure except define intervention.

(2)  Monkey meat theory.

The monkey family carries serian / immune virus (sir) similar to HIV found in human being.

It’s believed that as a result of human eating monkey meat or monkey blood, sir cross to human being and mutilated itself to become HIV which was more infectious.

(3) Accidental emergence

During the 1970 there was an outbreak of small pox in southern African and central with sent doctors on an anti- pox campaign / vaccination.

During this vaccination  its believed that the vaccine  of small  pox and polio  were accidentally mixed  and hence  to their contamination which in turn lead  to mutation of this respective  virus to HIV .

(4) Conspiracy theory,

During this era biological weapon have been manufactured as a weapon of mass destruction.

Just like anthrax  weapon  the developing  world  believed   that HIV   was manufactured  or created  by the  developed world  as chemical  biological weapon  through which  the developing  world  could be examinee  / done a way  with so that the developed  world could have total control of the whole world . Propone for this theory argue that despite the fact that HIV was first diagnosed in developed world.

It’s first diagnosed in the developed world. Its prevalence rate is quite high in the developing world    as opposed to the developed world.

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