Form of group accounts

Section 151 of the companies Act Cap 486 states that:

1. Subject to subsection (2), the group accounts laid before a holding company shall be consolidated accounts comprising –

  • a consolidated balance sheet dealing with the state of affairs of the company and all the subsidiaries to be dealt with in group accounts;
  •  a consolidated profit and loss account dealing with the profit or loss of the company and those subsidiaries.

2. If the company’s directors are of opinion that it is better for the purpose–

  • of presenting the same or equivalent information about the state of affairs and profit and loss of the company and those subsidiaries; and
  •  of so presenting it that it may be readily appreciated by the company’s members, the group accounts may be prepared in a form other than that required by subsection (1), and in particular may consist of more than one set of consolidated accounts dealing respectively with the company and one group of subsidiaries and with other groups of subsidiaries or of separate accounts dealing with each of the subsidiaries, or of statements expanding the information about the subsidiaries in the company’s own accounts, or any combination of those forms.

3. The group accounts may be wholly or partly incorporated in the company’s own balance sheet and profit and loss account.

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