• Farm tools and equipment perform specific jobs in the farm.
  • They make work easier and more efficient.
  • They can be classified according to their uses as follows:

Livestock Production Tools and Equipment

Workshop Tools and Equipment

Care and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment

Reasons for Maintenance

  • To increase durability.
  • To increase efficiency.
  • Reduce costs of replacement.
  • For safety of the user/avoid accidents.
  • Avoid damage to the tool.


  • Use tools for the right work.
  • Proper handling when using tools or equipment.
  • Clean and oil tools after work.
  • Keep tools in there right place.
  • Replace and repair worn-out parts
  • Sharpen cutting or digging edges
  • Grease moving parts to reduce friction
  • Use safety devices in the workshop to reduce accidents and breakages
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