Essentials of Financial Management By FM I.M Pandey Fourth Edition

  1. Financial Management: Scope and Objectives

  2. Sources of Long-term Finance

  3. Time Value of Money

  4. Valuation of Shares and Debentures

  5. Risk and Return

  6. Portfolio Theory and CAPM

  7. Beta Estimation and the Cost of Equity

  8. Cost of Capital

  9. Capital Budgeting Techniques

  10. Cash Flow Estimation for Investment Evaluation

  11. Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting

  12. Operating and Financial Leverages

  13. Capital Structure Theory and Practice

  14. Dividend Theory and Practice

  15. Nature of Working Capital

  16. Cash Management

  17. Receivables Management

  18. Inventory Management

  19. Working Capital Finance

  20. Financial Statement Analysis

  21. Long-term Financial Planning

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