Duties of an agent to his principal

  1. Performance: discharge of the undertaking as agreed.
  2. Obedience: acting in accordance with the principals instructions or authority.
  3. Accountability: explain application of money or assets coming into his hands.
  4. Care and skill: exhibit a degree of care and skill appropriate to the circumstances.
  5. Personal performance or non delegation: must perform the undertaking personally.
  6. Estoppel: must respect the principals title.
  7. Bona fide: act in good faith for the benefit of the principal
  8. Disclosure: must disclose personal interest to avoid any conflict of interest.
  9. Confidentiality: must not disclose his dealings with the principal to third parties.
  10. Separate accounts: must maintain separate accounts of his assets and those of the principal.
  11. Keep the principal informed of his dealings with third parties.
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