Duties of a personal representative in the Law of Succession Act

  1. Provide and pay out of the deceased’s estate, reasonable funeral expenses.
  2. Get in all the free property of the deceased including debts.
  3. Pay out of the deceased’s estate, all expenses of obtaining the grant of representation and administration.
  4. Ascertain and pay all the deceased’s debts out of the estate.
  5. Provide a full and accurate inventory of assets and liabilities of the deceased before the court within 6 months of the grant.
  6. Distribute or retain in trust all assets remaining after payment of expenses and debts.
  7. Complete administration of the estate in respect of all matters other than continuing trusts within 6 months of confirmation of the grant or such longer time as the court may allow.
  8. Produce to the court a full and accurate account of the completed administration within 6 months of confirmation of the grant.
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