Communication Skills August 2023 Past paper

MONDAY: 21 August 2023. Afternoon Paper. Time Allowed: 3 hours.

Answer any FIVE questions. ALL questions carry equal marks. Do NOT write anything on this paper.


1. Highlight FIVE benefits of using visual aids in presentations. (5 marks)

2. Confidentiality is an ethical concern with regard to virtual meetings.

With reference to the above statement, explain FIVE measures that could be instituted to ensure confidentiality of virtual meetings’ in an organisation. (5 marks)

3. Discuss FIVE differences between a “speech” and a “presentation”. (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. Identify FIVE roles of a receiver in eliminating barriers to communication. (5 marks)

2. Explain FIVE merits of digital communication in an organisation. (5 marks)

3. Analyse FIVE factors to consider when carrying out audience analysis. (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. Highlight FOUR factors that a communication manager might consider when making negative organisational announcements. (4 marks)

2. Assess FOUR benefits that could accrue to an organisation from hosting webinars. (8 marks)

3. In the 21st Century, digital media has been identified as a key breeding ground for poor etiquette that has created negative public image to many organisations.

With reference to the above statement, explain FOUR strategies that you could apply to enhance high standards of etiquette in online communication. (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. Summarise FOUR guidelines that you could follow in developing coherent paragraphs. (4 marks)

2. Analyse FOUR factors that an interviewee might take into account when preparing for a job interview. (8 marks)

3. Discuss FOUR limitations of upward communication. (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. In relation to persuasive messages, highlight FOUR techniques that you could use to persuade and convince a hostile audience. (4 marks)

2. Examine FOUR categories of communication barriers that occur within the communication process. (8 marks)

3. Discuss FOUR reasons why face-to-face meetings are more popular than online meetings. (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. Outline FOUR strategies that could be used to improve non-verbal communication. (4 marks)

2. Highlight FOUR functions of the minutes of a meeting. (4 marks)

3. Explain FOUR factors to consider when designing a questionnaire. (4 marks)

4. Discuss FOUR reasons why a supervisor could prefer to use formal communication when giving instructions to an employee. (8 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)



1. State THREE characteristics of a good report. (3 marks)

2. Explain THREE roles of verbal communication. (3 marks)

3. Outline FOUR factors that could lead to a successful virtual presentation. (4 marks)

4. Analyse FIVE limitations of group decision making process. (10 marks)

(Total: 20 marks)

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