Audit of Stores and Stocks

Audit of the accounts of stores and stocks has been developed as a part of expenditure audit with reference to the duties and responsibilities entrusted to C&AG. Audit is conducted to ascertain whether the Regulations governing purchase, receipt, and issue, custody, sale and stock taking of stores are well – devised and properly carried out. The aim is also to bring to the notice of the government any deficiencies in quantities of stores held or any defects in the system of control. The audit of purchase of stores is conducted in the same manner as audit of expenditure, namely, that these are properly sanctioned, made economical and in accordance with the Rules for purchase laid down by the competent authority. The auditor has to ensure that the prices paid are reasonable and are in agreement with those shown in the contract for the supply of stores, and that the certificates of quality and quantity are furnished by the inspecting and receiving units. Cases of uneconomical purchase of stores and losses attributable to defective or inferior quality of stores are specifically brought by the audit. Accounts of receipts, issues and balances are checked regarding accuracy, correctness and reasonableness of balances in stocks with particular reference to the specified norms for level of consumption of stock holding. Any excess or idle stocks is specifically mentioned in the report and
periodical verification of stock is also conducted to ensure their existence. When priced accounts are maintained, the auditor should see that the prices charged are reasonable and have been reviewed from time to time. The valuation of the stocks is seen carefully so that the value accounts tally with the physical accounts and that adjustment of profits or losses due to revaluation, stock taking or other causes is carried out.

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